It seems like everybody seems to be going to Europe this year. Whether it be your Grandma, your Dad, your Best Friend, your Lover or your Neighbour's Cousin. Now, why am i posting this in August when it's nearly September and everybody has already gone and came back. Because, my lovelies you're all picking the wrong month to leave for Europe. Would you not want to go when there are less tourists, no lines and you're saving money, all at once? Leaving in August to October are the best times to leave for a Europe Holiday. August and September you still get the perfect hot weather and sunshine and by mid-September and October the nights tend to get colder but the sun is still shinning. Plus, you get the satisfaction of saving money on flights and accommodation, friendlier locals & cutting the lines. 

I'll be leaving for Portugal next month (watch out for a post on that) which if you all live under a rock and don't know where that is, here's a map. I personally believe Portugal is underrated & such a gorgeous country to visit but that could just be me being biased. 

Packing for a Europe holiday between September and October may be slightly different if you were to leave in May to July. The nights might get a bit colder so you need to pack something warm to wear but it's still going to be hot during the day. I've curated a list of essentials that you may use if your planning a holiday for Europe!

Carry On Essentials:
  • Camera (How can this not be an essential! You need to capture those moments whether it be on a phone, polaroid, disposable or one of those fancy camera)
  • Phone (a bit obvious as to why you would need one)
  • Travel Pillow 
  • A Change of Clothes + Shoes
  • Important Documents (Visa's, Travel Insurance, Flight + Accommodation details and/or Car Insurance)
  • Wallet (International Money, Travel Cards, Driver's Licence) 
  • Reading Material (Magazine, Novel, E-Book Readers)
  • Essential Plane Toiletry Bag (Bacterial Wipes, Tissues, Sanitiser, Moisturiser, Deodorant, Toothbrush + Toothpaste, Compact Hairbrush)
  • Laptop (Might not be an essential to some
  • Headphones or Earphones
  • Portable Phone Charger
Suitcase Essentials:
  • Straightener and/or Curler (2-in-1 is better for travel if you can find one)
  • Minimal Jewellery (Your everyday jewellery, you don't want to go to fancy or over the top)
  • An Everyday Bag (If you're not carrying it on the plane already)
  • Hat (Any sort of Hat would do, it provides extra coverage from the sun and on those lazy hair days it's a must)
  • Swimwear
  • Beach Towel (Don't forget this! I always forget to pack one)
  • Shoes (A pair of Sneakers, Sandals & Flip Flops)
  • Minimal Makeup 
  • Sleepwear + Underwear 
  • 1 or 2 Knitwear, Jacket, Jumper or Cardigan (Your choice)
  • 3 or 4 pairs of Bottoms (Skirts, Jeans, Shorts)
  • A Few Pairs of Tops (Depending on how long your stay is & if you're an over packer or minimalist)
  • A Whole Outfit (Dress, Jumpsuit, Dungarees or Playsuit)

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