July 28, 2017

Going on holidays can be quite fun and relaxing. Especially when you plan to do some shopping while on holidays but before you depart to your destination, you must tick off your packing list. Sometimes  (most of the time), i like to do a little bit of shopping of what i would need for the plane ride, outfits, etc etc. So, i do a bit of shopping to prepare. Look at this as a more of a lifetime haul. I'll be using these items forever and ever. 


Three shoes might be overpacking but i overpack, so it's fine. I'll be wearing my Adidas slides on the plane and taking my Superga white sneakers in my carry-on. (At least that's what i've got planned at the moment, this could all change in time but i'll keep you posted). I'll be taking my Adidas runners for walk about's around the neighbourhood and my Spurr sandals to sight see around + if i have anything fancy on (my 21st) i could wear these. & i'll still have space to fit any shopping items i do over there.

Might have overstepped the boundary in buying five sunglasses at once but these will last a lifetime and i won't be taking ALL of them with me. I'll need to decide later on which ones i would like to pack. 

I've been desperately in need for a decent travel carry-on. I have tried everything you could think of besides the wheelie cases, i'm not going to buy them just incase it doesn't fit in the overhead compartment on planes. With backpacks and hand held bags you can squish them in the overhead compartment to fit or under the chair. I like to keep everything on me so i know it's safe so with this backpack i can fit it underneath the chair. I'll also be taking ONE cross-body bag, i have yet to decide which one. I'd really appreciate for any suggestions on one, i'm looking for a cream coloured one that can fit my 20cm wallet. 

I've had my eye on Fawnstar's Jewellery but they are ridiculously expensive and i happen to "stumble" on these gorgeous pair of star earrings from Princess Polly. Lip rings are cool so i bought some just incase anything comes about where i have to dress up a bit.

I've got enough clothing to last a lifetime. Seriously. A closet full. But i'll never stop adding to it. My Puma leggings i'll be wearing on the plane and the Nike leggings are a back up + they're great for any excessive walking and exercise i'll be doing. You'll always need something warm to wear on the plane. It's a must. The blankets they give are helpful but i always end up cold. So, i'll always wear a jumper. This is a very cute jumper. 

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