March 22, 2017

These girls are ones to watch! Their "Get Ready With Us" videos are probably the best videos they make. It's one of my favourite videos they do. They're down to earth, hilarious and are the best of friends anyone has been looking for. Their friendship is goals.

They also have a blog but haven't posted in a while but you should defs check that out! They'll give you style envy. While you're at it check out their instagram! Lovely insta, outfits to die for and they usually tell you where they are from in the tags. Plus, you can check out their twitter! Lovely way to get in contact with them, ask questions and what not. 

They seem like a lovely bunch of girls and worth your time. Go ahead and check out their channel, give them some love! You won't regret watching these gals. 

mich x

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