March 14, 2017


I never really made a "Welcome to My Blog" post. So, here's one for ya! It's been a week since i started posting. If you want to go check out my posts 😉 Pleaaase?? Just click the home page or my name that's BIG and BOLD, you can't miss it. Or just click right... HERE.

This blog is my dabbles. I dabble in a lot of things. For instance i dabble on Youtube where i pretty much make my blog come alive with videos. Granted i've only been on it for a little while so not much has been posted yet. But can you really blame me?? I've been dabbling in a lot of things, it's hard to keep up. I've dabbled on Instagram. Great, old Instagram. Love posting photos on there. I like to take selfies of myself and things. You should go check it out. I've dabbled on Twitter. Tweet tweet. I'd lost touch with Twitter for a bit because my old account was hacked 😩 but i made a new one last year and i'm only starting to use it this year. Go me! I've also dabbled on Pinterest. It's my board for everything. You should go check it out, i have boards of my future, right now non-existent wedding, home interior, makeup, style, nail art, quotes, cooking and the list goes on and on. Honestly, love it on Pinterest. Lastly, i've dabbled on Polyvore. Haven't been on it in a while but you bet i'm going to be back on there because how am i going to create my How-to's and Get the Looks??? Come on sweets, think. 

Yes i know my blog isn't perfect yet but it's damn close to it. I've already planned on what i'm going to be posting here. You can check it out by just scrolling your mouse over the categories. You bet i'm going to be posting about my little finds, my love for interior, my beauty & music favs and that's not all!!! I'm a woman of many talents. 

Please stick around for the ride and let's see where this takes us! 

Enjoy Reading!
mich x

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