March 13, 2017

Want to know how to get there? What to do? How to have fun? How to relax?

Sometimes trying to get through the week can be a struggle. Usually during mid week i start get lazy and want nothing to do with the world. So, i figured i might not be the only person in this predicament so i came up with a few ideas to get me through the week especially since this week is going to be somewhat cold, light showers and okay weather.

  1. You might be thinking why is there an image of the sky? What has the sky got to do with anything? Well, sometimes life gets to us and we're to busy doing different things that we never get the opportunity to just stop and look up. Might sound a bit cliche but the sky is one of the most beautiful things i've seen and it's relaxing to just sit and look up.
  2. Coffee? Laptop? Where is this heading? It's good to just sit down, grab you're favourite drink and watch a movie or a show or binge watch a whole season. 
  3. Yuuum, cupcakes!!! Baking is one of the things that get me excited... sometimes. It's honestly fun to just look up a recipe online and try it out and see where it takes you because it will not always turn out the same. Especially the decorating. It will never turn out the same unless you had a few tries with it.
  4. Sweaters are the most comfiest and cosiest item you could have in your wardrobe. Because of the somewhat cold weather we're going to get this will be the best item you could wear this week.
  5. Flowers are pretty. It's a known fact. If you're feeling a bit drowsy mid-week go out and buy yourself some pretty flowers. They will brighten up your day.
  6. If you're wondering what that image is it's of a book giving water to a brain. In better wording, reading helps your mind grow. 
  7. Who cares if it's raining and cold. If you're stuck at home and have binge watched your way through Mad Men and have nothing else to do, take yourself to a local cafe. Grab yourself a coffee or tea and maybe a little piece of cake and sit by the window. You can people watch or read a book. 
  8. Take your friends go down by the beach or park and have some fun. Have a picnic or just sit and talk and catch up on life. Take photos. Lots of them. And just have fun with your girls.
  9. What usually motivates me for a great week or day is my outfit. Feeling inspired by a photo, re-create it. Don't have the pieces? Go shopping (if your savings allows it). There's nothing great then putting on something fun, different or you and rocking it. 
Enjoy your week!
mich x

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