March 11, 2017
We met, and we talked, and it was epic but then the sun came up and reality set in. 

This is it. It's the final hours until the premiere of TVD. I remember first watching, i was always falling in and out of love with this TV series. The first couple of seasons i loved. It was something new. Then I eventually got tired of the love triangle.😞 

But when Nina Dobrev announced she was leaving TVD, you feel sad. You think to yourself, what's going to happen to the show? How is it going to continue? The whole show was based on this love triangle and now the MAIN character is leaving. You hope for a good outcome but in the back of your mind you have a little bit of doubt. Luckily, this show have some great writers that know what they're doing! Season 7 & 8 were more than what i could of imagine. Of course they still spoke about Elena Gilbert but we got to focus on the other characters and their plot in this story. I loved that, it was a breath of fresh air.

Now we're here. It is truly the end of an era. Every episode in Season 8B leading up to this moment had me balling. It felt like a final goodbye. Every. Single. Episode.

*Pause for a minute* Did Bonnie really die? I understand that's the only way for Elena to come back but they left it without really giving us an answer. She just collapsed and that's how it ended. Like really? I think she will be the one to die because she's lost everything Enzo, her grams, not being able to ever see Elena again. But she does have Damon, Caroline and Matt. I don't know how i feel. Julie said that someone will defs die this episode and we will be surprised. We might hate it or love it? Anyways...

I cannot wait for this episode to air but i'm also sadden at the thought of it being the last episode that i wait around for each week. Guuuuuys, I'm reaaaally sad. I don't want it to end. I thought i would write something with still keeping my emotions in check but my emotions are getting to me. I can't process nor do i want to. This show has been with me till now. I was probably around 13 when i first started watching it and now i'm 20. This is a WTF moment. It has been so long. I really wish that every character has an EPIC goodbye moment. So, this is my Goodbye to TVD. I will Always and Forever watch re-runs.

You will be missed, The Vampire Diaries.
mich x

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